Hannah Culshaw is an emerging conscious designer based in Sydney. From completing her Honours in Fashion and Textiles at the University of Technology Sydney, she released her AURA collection. Hannah specialises in patternmaking, natural dyeing and silverwork. Her designs are influenced by shape and placement and her values inform the way she executes the garments.


Hannah is fascinated by the theories from the Bauhaus masters. She studies their works to uncover patterns and rules in their visual language. She then applies the new aesthetic rules to her practice surrounding shape, placement, scale and colour.


Living in the mountains of BC, Canada, for a few years, Hannah rapidly grew her appreciation for nature. With her strong values in reducing waste she ensures her practice and process involves conscious and thoughtful design. From research into craftsmanship and value she can see an opportunity to re-establish the loss of connection to garments that once existed. This is achieved through her intricate craftsmanship of natural dye, silver work and patternmaking. Hannah wants to be a part of changing the mentality towards fashion and re-establishing the loss of connection to a garment, in order to reduce waste.