Within my designs I create a feeling, a zen-like aura and an experience that is calming and ordered. This collection, Aura, displays strong values about reducing waste and is created consciously, through the incorporation of deadstock fabrics, handmade silver closures and eco-friendly textiles such as hemp and organic cotton. 

My design practice is informed by Bauhaus methodologies that engage with relationships between shapes and their placement within a form. This genderless collection intertwines four main elements, intricacies of patternmaking, the use of deadstock fabrics, the contrasting aesthetics of naturally dyed textiles and crafted silverwork. In my design process I apply a focused and personal approach to patternmaking techniques in order to challenge traditional garment construction. 

This collection conveys a harmonious mood through the use of natural dye tones flowing into various shapes, curves and geometry. The hand crafting of silver to create bespoke closures continually informs my process and aligns with my values of craftsmanship.